Vaidehi Naganur

Vaidehi started her initial lessons in Carnatic music on the Veena in 2003 under Smt. Shobha Shekhar, with her vocal lessons commencing in 2010. A senior student of the school, Vaidehi is regularly involved in participation and organisation of various Kalakruthi activities, including assisting with coordination of workshops and annual group renditions, besides conducting Veena lessons for junior students. She also performs both Veena and vocal renditions at Kalakruthi annual concerts, temples around Melbourne and ensemble concerts. She was the recipient of the 'Jewel of Kalakruthi' in 2011 and was awarded 'Yuva Visharadh' in 2014. With the blessings of her Guru Smt. Shobha Shekhar, Vaidehi completed her Veena Geetarpanam alongside her classmate, Vikram Kanagaraj, in 2012. This experience not only deepened Vaidehiís appreciation and interest in Carnatic music but also expedited her vocal education.

Vaidehi graduated with Honours in a Bachelor of Biomedicine and is currently in her first year as a Ph.D. student at the University of Melbourne.