Ramya Madhavan

Ramya commenced lessons in Veena seven years ago under the tutelage of Sri Ramnath Iyer. Over the past two years, Ramya has also had the valuable experience of receiving additional training from veena maestro Trivandrum Sri R. Venkatraman. As a student of the Picchumani School of Carnatic Music, Ramya has regularly been given the opportunity to perform in school concerts run by the Iyer Brothers, the annual Melbourne Thyagaraja Aradhana celebrations, and numerous other such events.

Ramya’s interest in Carnatic Music has grown over time, supplemented by encouragement from her Gurus; listening to recordings; reading books, articles, and reviews; and attending various live concerts. Over the last couple of years, annually attending the Music Festival Season in Chennai has further enriched her knowledge and appreciation of the intricacies of the art form.

Ramya is currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Arts at the University of Melbourne.